Blog #1

The Robotics Club of the college has highly motivated student members and ably guided by Dr.APuroshotham of Mechanical Engineering Dept. The student members are from various disciplines and thus are exposed to multiple skills which are required in design and development of robots. The first stage of industrial revolution is fuelled by the invention of Steam Engine and internal combustion engines which increased the productivity in the industry and eliminated drudgery of human labor. The second stage of industrial revolution is due to invention of Faraday who could convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The ramifications of Faraday’s work are immense and today we are all enjoying the comforts by the utilization of electrical energy. The third industrial revolution is due to onset of IT which led to the development of NC machines and subsequently CNC machines and machining centers. Thus hardware and software were integrated. The fourth industrial revolution has evolved because of internet and its application in the manufacturing systems. This is also known as emergence of cyber physical systems. Due to this in the future product design, process planning, manufacturing and transportation of the components made from one factory to another for making sub-assemblies or final assemblies. All this is done remotely by using internet technologies which does not need the presence of engineers or workforce at the site. Thus, the factories of future represents a paradigm shift in the technology of manufacture.Somebody wittingly stated that in the factories of future there will be only two employees. One is an engineer and other is a dog. Dog does not permit the engineer to meddle with machines that are working with remote controls and the engineer duty is to feed the dog. Year after year the Robotics club is adding new competitions and thus is able to attract large number of participants from all over the country.Their recent achievements which include tie-ups with organisations like DRDO etc. Their work is remarkable and I hope they continue striving the same way. The college is happy to provide resources to the club which focuses on the all round development of the student.

The college is very happy that the students of all branches of Engineering are working together which is very essential to develop in them multi-disciplinary knowledge. Working in a team to organize an event of this scale will give to the participating studentsenormous experience in planning and execution of any task in their professional careers. The Robotics Club, with it's constant efforts in the field of innovation is standing out as one of the best clubs in the college. The most important quality is that the students are self-driven and enthusiastic. I wish all the members of the robotics club a very best of luck in realizing their dream.