Blog #4

It gives immense pleasure for us to once again write the founders note as part of ‘Our Glory’ magazine. When we first envisaged the idea of an annual club magazine our principal goal was to document the diverse activities carried out by the enthusiastic members. Further we wanted to provide an opportunity and motivation for the members on technical writing which is very important cog in the wheel of professional skills each of the engineers need to equip themselves with. The magazine was christened aptly “Our Glory” as it documented the immense pride brought to the collective TRC community by the projects or working models that won accolades outside the college, be it in some national level technical festivals, robotic competitions or seminars or the like. We strongly believed that it would also be instrumental in fostering healthy competition between the competing members and expected it to grow to a stature of an engineering journal over a period of time where technical papers from students across the country could be published. Although it has been more than a decade since its launch the pace of its growth hasn’t been as expected. For reasons unknown to us the release of the club magazine was briefly discontinued which perhaps might have stunted its growth. Nonetheless, we are immensely gratified with the content of the current edition of the magazine and compliment all the contributors. Additionally, it contains very large number of technical reports which shows the breadth of participation from the young members of the club. We would like to recommend members to pay more attention and incorporate the following aspects while writing technical reports in future

  • Proper mathematical formulation of the problem.
  • Mathematical/ Computer based simulations where ever possible/feasible.
  • Conciseness of the content.
  • Clarity of ideas, results and conclusions.
  • Appropriate technical language (graphs, plots, Tables and Figures).
  • Project planning and costing aspects.
  • Genuine Citations of others work where ever applicable to avoid Plagiarism.

We request the steering committee and the chief editor of the magazine to formulate a standard format for the future editions in line with some of the leading engineering journals. This will serve the purpose of practice and shall thoroughly inculcate academic professionalism in the budding young student members. We appreciate and congratulate the current President and his executive team for taking upon them to resume the tradition of releasing ‘Our Glory’ magazine.

We sincerely advise the steering committee to keep the tradition of releasing the annual magazine in the future and urge all the members of the club to take up technical writing seriously and contribute to the clubs’ magazine as much as they can. It inspires the future members and at the end shall be an invaluable asset in your professional or academic life. We thank each and every member of the club for remembering us on this occasion. From the bottom of our heart we wish you success in all your future endeavours.

Thank You!