Blog #5

THE ROBOTICS CLUB is a place where I have cultivated a lot of things which helped me to develop both my technical skills as well as my conduct. I feel proud to be a part of this club, which has given me and many others, a platform to grow and rediscover ourselves. My journey from mentee to president contains a lot of milestones in between which made me realize who I am what I exactly learned. The Robotics Club is for all those future engineers who have the courage to accept the challenges in the field of Engineering and have the capabilities to turn imagination into reality and get a practical orientation which would eventually enhance their employability

I first joined The Robotics Club with an immense passion and dedication in the field of robotics. The club follows a unique fresher induction program to recruit first yeas into club. INDUCTION-15 gave me a bag full of phenomenal experiences. I was grouped into a team of 10 members from various departments and we were guided by 3 seniors. Our team was successful in designing a robotic arm. After being selected as permanent member of the club we (team of 3) under the guidance of technical heads were successful in designing a solar tracking system. In my second year I was successful in leading a team of 10 members with my co-mentor and our project was one of the working projects during INDUCTION-16. Later I was nominated as the technical Joint secretary for the Club, I got a platform to share the knowledge of robotics with the club members and working for Roboveda”16 was awe- inspiration .Working together with my president and other seniors of the Club, I saw how difficult it is to organize a national level symposium with the utmost level of perfection. It gives me enormous satisfaction and leaves me with great felling of stature whenever I work for the club.

After being elected as President of the club, I was feeling a bit nervy and at the same time I felt very obliged. I underwent many situations where I was given so many gargantuan tasks but at the end it gives me a feelingof contentment and relish when I complete them on time. Today, I as the president of The Robotics Club-SNIST, feel grateful to the patrons, faculties- in-charge and pioneers of the club for making the club stand out as one of a kind, with its exceptional discipline, organisational and technical competencies.

As my team always believed that robotics club is not just a place to make robots, rather it is a place to learn and experience many things which could mould a student into a complete professional. Be it organizing skills, be it communication skills, be it team building skills, be it inventory management, be it marketing, be it budgeting, be it costing, be it accounting, what not and the list goes on with myriad number of opportunities if only one can understand and explore. ROBOVEDA unlike other technical festivals is organized to showcase the technical & organizational acumen of the club members and to share such knowledge with many other budding engineers across the country. We always ensured that even the smallest of activities in the club should inculcate pragmatic thinking and learning.

I couldn’t imagine the success of the club without, the Vice President, General Secretary, the executive body, student advisory board and designing team who always stood on my words,helped me in every way possible and I am whole-heartedly, delightful to them for their support. I would like thank my juniors who worked day in and day out to represent the club in many national level events.

And all these things would not be possible without the guidance of our respected Director Dr PNarasimha Reddy Sir, our convener Dr.T.Ch. Siva Reddy Sir, our faculty advisor Dr A. Purushotham sir who stood as backbone for the club and other staff who have patiently granted us permissions and also endowed confidence in us. Now it is the time for me to enjoy the triumph and I wish all the future generations of the club good luck and hope that the stature of the club enriches even more.