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About Us...

With a decade of a legendary legacy, The Robotics Club-SNIST, has emerged as one of the leading clubs in the college where putting technical concepts into real life projects is concerned. Our Robots are not mere outputs but a celebration of teamwork and innovation. The Robotics Club–SNIST is a diverse group of over-enthused robotics nerd(really cool ones!) who find roots across all academic departments of the institute.

The Robotics Club, an outstanding team which came up with conducting workshops and national level fests with thousands of participants and loads of ingenious ideas.our robots are not mere outputs but a celebration of teaming,hardwork and sharing knowledge. We promote teamwork,all round development and innovation.TRC is not just a club but an oppurtunity to keep your dreams alive.




Coming together is beginning

Induction 2k18

Working together is Progress

Post Induction 2k18

Keeping together is Success