Embedded System

An Embedded system is essentially designed to perform many task like access the data, process the data, store the data and managing the information in various Electronics based system. Embedded system is a mixture of Hardware and Software system. software contains an microcode that Embedded in to the Hardware. The most intresting feature of this system is to give output within the limit time. So we commonly use this in simple device and complex device.
•Home security etc…
It consists of mainly two parts with the help of this hardware system runes.
This two parts consists of several elements like Input and output peripheral, several ports, Timers, user interface etc..
Now lets see the difference between them.

It is an integrated circuit which is designed for a specific operation in an embedded system. A component that performs the instructions and various task involved in computer.
It consists of mainly three parts ALU, Registers, CU and other elements are connected externally to CPU. It consists of ALU, IO Ports, RAM, ROM, ADC,DAC are integrated in a single chip.
It is used in general purpose computing system. It is mainly designed for a particular task.
It processing speed is usually in order of 8-50MHz. It processing speed is usually in order of 1GHz.
It consists of various peripheral called SPI, I2C UART etc. It uses peripheral interface like UART, USB and Ethernet.

Now let go deep into microcontroller using an example stm32 board Stm32
Before going to the stm32 first we have to know a little bit about an architecture called ARM Cortex architecture.
ARM is developed based on the RISC(Reduced instruction set computer) machine and it is named as acorn RISC machine. It consists an architecture which is described as a set of methods and rules that describes the functionality, organization and implementation on computer system and this architecture is implemented by our computer system.
It doesnot manufacture any chips it gives an architecture so that many other companies uses this architecture and make there own boards.
STMicroelectronics is the semiconductor company uses this architecture and developed STM32
STM32 is a group of family under ARM-Cortex-M based 32-bit Microcontroller. Stm32 is divided in different groups based on cortex-M architecture and required peripheral. As we know that Microcontroller has in build ROM, RAM, clock, pins by considering this STelectronics developed different board with different memory. Based upon over requirements we have to select the board.
It is divided into 3 lines which covers all board
•The first is F-Line series which consists different series of F-family like STM32F0, STM32F1, STM32F2,STM32F3,STM32F4 And last STM32F7.
•The next series is named as L-Line series(LOW POWER SERIES) it consists of L-family like STM32L0, STM32L1, STM32L4.
•The last series is name as H-Line series(HIGH PERFORMANCE SERIES) which is introduced newly it consists of H-family like STM32H7.
For every board we can get reference manual and data sheet by this we can get total information of that particular board.
If u new don’t have any board and u are trying to buy it then consider this things
•ON-board debugger
•Try to buy which as more Flash memory and SRAM
•Check whether required peripheral is there or not.

As shown in the figure it has an on-board ST-Link support and has MCU one for operating the ST-Link and another is main MCU and it consists of 4 on-board LED which are present in between reset and push button. This board consists of total six ports in this different peripheral communication are done. It has an 8MHz external clock but by default it is not used when we need it we can enable by code. It uses internal RC oscillator. If u are using different board go through the user manual.
Once u have a board the next step is to talk to the board this is done by ST-Link driver.