ST-Link Driver Installation

ST-Link Driver Installation
As to communicate with the board we need ST-link driver. I am using stm32f407 discovery board Just go through the below website and click on get software.

After downloading open the folder and u can see two application named dpinst_amd64 install if your system runs at 64 bit or else install dpindt_86 for 32-bit.

Onces the installation is completed connect your board and go to the device manager and see whether this two are appearing or not.

By this u have successfully installed the driver and you can communicate with board.

Stm32 cube ide installation
For installing this just search for stm32cubeIDE u can find website of and install it.
Additionally u need to install java jdk file which is must to run stm32cubeide.

After successfully installing the stm32cubeide just click on the file and click on create stm32 project.

Then u can find this interface depending upon your MCU type your MCU name at part number and select it.