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By Dr. C.V. Tomy

The Robotics Club of the college has highly motivated student members and ably guided by Dr.APuroshotham of Mechanical Engineering Dept. The student members are from various disciplines and thus are exposed to multiple skills which are required in design and development of robots. The first stage of industrial revolution is fuelled by the invention of Steam Engine and internal combustion engines which increased the productivity in the industry and eliminated drudgery of human labor. Read More



Recognized as one of the most elite clubs of the institute, The Robotics Club has demonstrated its excellence at every point. The Robotics club is similar to a prism where in several colors converge to form a perfect white light. Read More



I am very happy to note that SNIST Robotics club celebrating its 11 th Anniversary on 4.3.2018. It is my honor to serve as the faculty adviser for the SNIST Robotics Club for the last six years. On this occasion I'm so excited to announce that SNIST is one of Engineering Colleges across the country after IITs organizing a “ROBOVEDA” a National Robotics Symposium regularly every year for the last 10 years. Read More



It gives immense pleasure for us to once again write the founders note as part of ‘Our Glory’ magazine. When we first envisaged the idea of an annual club magazine our principal goal was to document the diverse activities carried out by the enthusiastic members. Further we wanted to provide an opportunity and motivation for the members on technical writing which is very important cog in the wheel of professional skills each of the engineers need to equip themselves with. Read More


By T Bharat Kumar

THE ROBOTICS CLUB is a place where I have cultivated a lot of things which helped me to develop both my technical skills as well as my conduct. I feel proud to be a part of this club, which has given me and many others, a platform to grow and rediscover ourselves. My journey from mentee to president contains a lot of milestones in between which made me realize who I am what I exactly learned. The Robotics Club is for all those future engineers who have the courage to accept the challenges in the field of Engineering and have the capabilities to turn imagination into reality and get a practical orientation which would eventually enhance their employability Read More