Bringing the top minds together for Nation

The First Ever UG Level Conference on National Educational Policy 2020





EVENT NAME: Robotics for National Education Policy-2020

TAGLINE: "Bringing the top minds together for the nation"

"China has emerged as one of the super power very rapidly due to its Manufacturing sector, which contributes most of its GDP"
India is making its efforts to bring up new start ups through 'Make In India' initiative. It is ultimately the manufacturing sector, which boosts the economy.
Manufacturing sector not only boosts the GDP but offers a wide range of employment. Technically, Manufacturing sector includes "Industry & Automation" , Industry & Automation involves Robotics. So there's an indirect relation.
The point is, any how our Education Policy has been changed after 34 years. We believe bringing the Robotics into the Primary Education sector boosts a student's creativity and imagination. More importantly it'll be a new era of employment opportunities.
So we are going to host a National Level Conference on this topic - "Robotics for NEP-2020" #NationalEducationPolicy, with the tagline "Bringing the top minds together for the nation".
Robotics has always been a field of fascination and exploration of wide knowledge. This field is increasing exponentially now days. A nation's development highly depends on how it can keep up with the technology. Inculcating it in the education will not only benefit the students but also the nation in ample ways. Participation is one of the best methods of educating. If one has the words, one can weave the bridge through them to find the way. This conference mainly aims at discussing different ways for the development of the country through Robotics and education.

The Conference is designed to have 2 rounds


Qualifying Round

(Descriptive Round)

In this round,the Participant will need to
1) Research the things related to:
  • Scope of Robotics in India
  • Education system in various developed Nations.
  • Understand the relation between GDP, Industry and Service Sectors and Employment opportunities in the Country.
2) Analyse the problems in the current system.
  • Suggest the implementation possibilities considering the problems of rural students,GER(Gross Enrollment Ratio)at higher education and other major factors.

  • A detailed description following the above conditions is to be made by the participants and will be sent to our mail descriptions are evaluated and the top participants will be qualified to the next round.

Post-Qualifying Round

The top performers selected after Round 1 will undergo a series of Interactive talks with successful Entrepreneurs in the field of Robotics.
The participants will get a chance to hear from real life experiences of Industry experts regarding:
  • Problems faced by them while setting up their Robotics related start up in the country.
  • Skills they look out in fresh graduates while hiring them in their companies.
  • Suggest the changes that are required to be made in the Education Policy so that the coming generations can reach the expectations of the Automation Industry.
The participants will get to know some case studies after the talks from the experts. They have to reanalyze and prepare for a presentation in front of guests regarding the best implementation strategy. Below are some points which you need to cover in your presentation

    1) Suggest most effective implementation strategy of NEP-2020
    2) What impact will robotics have on students if taught in high school?
    3) What is the scope of Robotics in India?
    4)What are the educational policies related to Robotics in developed nations? ( i.e. Budget allocated to robotics in their country, measures taken to implement robotics in education etc.)
    5) Do you support Robotics being included in curriculum?

All the presentations and research work will be compiled and submitted to MHRD following the norms of Education Policy.


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