The Problem:-

Now-a-days we people come across through the accidents occurring in highways at late nights. This is mainly because people who are driving the vehicles consume alcohol or they are getting sleepy durind the driving, so that they become drowsy while driving. As they cannot pay attention on the driving they may mislead the vehicle causing accidents this problem may sometime cause to their death also to stop. Many people are losing their lives due to this accidents.

The Teams Approach To The Problem:-

Our team is preparing a bot that can reduce or solve this problem. This bot can differentiate between a person who is drowsy with a normal person. This can be achieved by making a bot to count the number of blinks that the driver make while driving and compared with already recorded number of links frequency of a normal driver. When this both doesn’t match an alert message with the location is sent to concerned family members. Also a buzzer sound is also given to the driver. An additional alcohol content detector is added to this. This detects the alcohol percentage present in the car at that certain time.