The Problem:

We often see people who are physically challenged in college's or in society, who are facing problems in walking and thriving to move or unable to walk, sometime life treats some people in Indignate way and people's legs defunct.

The team’s approach to solve the problem:

The ability to feel the world through the tools we hold is Haptic Touch. The concept of sensory elements transforming information into touch experience by interacting with things remotely is motivating and challenging. This robot is designed for physically challenged people, which follows the direction of the Forefinger/Gesture.The path way of the robot may be either point- to-point or continuous. This sensor detects the direction of the forefinger and the output is transmitted via Bluetooth Hc05 Master to the receiver unit. In the receiver section Bluetooth Hc05 Slave which receives corresponding signal will command the microcontroller to move the robot in that particular direction. The design of the system includes microcontroller, MEMS sensor and Bluetooth Master and Slave Technology. The robot system receives the command from the MEMS sensor.which is placed on the fore finger at the transmitter section. Therefore the simple control mechanism of the robot is shown. Experimental results for fore finger based directional robot are enumerated.