The Problem:

To minimize the problem of wastage in river, lake, sea due to the plastic, electronic items, thermocol , metal etc. This causes huge amount of water pollution which effects on aquatic animals as well as human life. It is also used in small scale industries to remove the solid wastage from water with minimum cost.

The team’s approach to solve the problem:

Our Idea is to built a robot which can be used to clean both waste accumulated at beaches and the floating waste in oceans. Due to the difficulties faced in keeping the beach clean manually, we have come up with equipment which not only collects the waste , but also separates(Mettalic and non metallic), which is easy for waste disposal. The machine mainly consists of an Motors which runs through a battery which drives the entire process. The waste is collected through conveyor blade along with the sand which falls of through the perforations on the conveyor back to the sand bed; separation of waste material takes place through principle of Density difference. It consists of two hoppers where the different waste gets collected which facilitates easy disposal of waste and the same robot can be used to collect floating waste in oceans.