The crime rates against women in the country have risen to a great extent. Women think twice before stepping out of their homes, especially at the night. This is, unfortunately, the sad reality of our country that lives in constant fear. It is present in every nook and corner of the world. It doesn’t differentiate between a 3-year old kid and an 80-year old lady. From parties to work places to our homes, rapes and harassment have become a norm. Many of the women are facing problems like eve teasing, sexual harassment,rape,domestic violence, acid attack,etc. To help resolve this issue we propose a gps based women safety system that has dual security feature. This device consists of a system that ensures dual alerts in case a woman is harassed or she thinks she is in trouble. This system can be turned on by a woman in case she even thinks she would be in trouble. The hardware device that looks like a portable box that contains a GPS-tracker, SOS emergency or SOS alert, pepper spray, a sting containing poison attached to box, emergency alarm. GPS-tracker is used to find the location of the person if the person is in danger and when the girl is travelling and if her phone has less battery(<5% battery) then automatically the location will be sent to emergency contacts in order to avoid panic . An SOS alert will be sent to emergency.