TheThe Problem: The process agriculture involves more man power and time. It takes days for a man to plough and sow seeds, this can be solved by introducing some agriculture techniques which includes technology for both small scale and large scale farmers. The team’s approach to solve the problem: The biggest problem that farmer face is lack of access to information. Majority of the farmers are relaying on traditional methods, which require more human power. But at present scenario we must produce more crops using less human which is effective and efficient way of farming. We established a wireless communication between the land and rover. The rover (an autonomous vehicle) is used to plough and sow seeds in the land. When the rover moves in the field the front part of the rover will break the soil and then at the back part of the rover is used to plough the land. As when the ploughing is started simultaneously seeding takes places by the servo motor. Water is supplied by the drip irrigation by the pump. Microcontroller passes the information to the watering plant when the rover is out of the field by the NRF module. Constant monitoring of temperature and humidity will be done. Testing the moisture content of the soil, sprinklers sprinkle water when needed.